On an airplane

I love window seats.

They allow me to have a more comfortable sleeping position on long flights, and resolve the awkwardness between me and my neighbor when I don’t feel very social.

But more importantly, the views through a window, in some way, liberate me. In the air, in between two worlds, I switch identities, personalities and viewpoints like switching clothes and lenses. Both of these individuals represent different aspects of me; though different, they are still me.

In the air, in transition, sometimes, I just float and don’t belong anywhere. Whether going back home or going to school, it is the only time when I feel completely free from anything that ties us humans down to the earthly world. My emotions on an airplane can range from “Phew i’m done with school, I’m ready to go home”,to “This year is gonna be lit”, to “I’m not ready for this sh*t.” But this time, after 2 delayed flights, I want to board the plane thinking “Bring me back there, I’m ready!”

Those remnant snowflakes, I wish I would be always that happy and my life would be always that sparkling!




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